PAS 128 Survey in Derby

Topographical and utility survey for Becket Primary School in Derby

The Scope:

Becket Primary School contacted our team to complete a PAS 128 compliant utility survey and a topographical survey so they could add new entrances to the school. The team were required to survey the areas near the existing school gates and the areas near the school field, as well as the pavements surrounding the school.

PAS 128 Utility Survey

PAS 128 is a set of guidelines designed to standardise the way underground utilities are located, verified, and mapped. The specification is a response to the need for reliable utility detection to inform construction and maintenance projects where services run so they can be avoided, preventing costly and dangerous errors.

invert level scaled Becket Primary School - PAS 128 Utility Survey
Utility Survey over Google Maps

Why are PAS 128 Surveys Important?

PAS 128 surveys are more than just a procedural checkbox; they are an investment in the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the UK’s infrastructure projects. 

With the evolving landscape of utility mapping, embracing PAS 128 is not just the best practice – it’s a necessity for the industry:

  • They provide detailed maps that facilitate better planning and design, which is useful for designers and engineers;
  • They reduce the risk of utility strikes, thus maintaining site safety and project timelines for contractors;
  • They deliver an accurate record for future reference and asset management to clients and asset owners

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