Our Values

SolidPoint strongly follows the ethos of “Adding Innovation and Value to Your Project”.

By employing amazing people who are given the training and tools they require to complete a project to the best of their ability. We believe that we can constantly improve our workflows, to deliver projects which meet and exceed your requirements.

SolidPoint History

In 2014, James, our founder decided that he had had enough of doing things the same old way as his employer wanted to do it, so did the only sensible thing… setup a new Company and went into business for himself.

Having a Solid architectural and surveying background, he is well placed in understanding the needs and benefits a reliable survey brings to an architectural design project, so originally tailored SolidPoint to suit just that.

Since then, SolidPoint has evolved into something special with some amazing people involved.

With The vision of “Adding Innovation and Value to Your Project” SolidPoint has now grown into offering a complete survey solution, using the latest technologies such as laser scanners and drones to deliver reliable information for any design or construction project… For any industry.

Expect Better

 We want to deliver the best information we can. In fact, every project we deliver is quality assessed and scrutinised for potential improvements. Our aim being, that every project we deliver to you is our best yet!

Open Communication

We believe in being honest about the issues we face, and the successes we have in trying out new ideas. We openly share this internally as well as with our clients if they like to be involved in the workings of a project. We allow open, collaborative access to our projects and the data collected. So feel free to give us a call and ask any questions you may have.


We think smartly, always looking for a way to to improve usability or understanding. We aren’t afraid to think and do things differently. We try to find new solutions, constantly innovating our workflows.

Value added

We look to bring the best possible value to your project. If we feel something isn’t necessary we’ll let you know. We look to provide services that work best with your budget and timescales. When looking for improvements, if they don’t reduce the cost, or make using the service or product more enjoyable, then we look for something better.

Let’s collaborate on your next project.

Big or small, every client is treated the same because you are just like us, ambitious and open minded to change.

So, do we sound like a Company you would like to partner with?

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