St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

Measured Aerial Drone Survey

Our team was contacted to carry out a measured survey of the exterior walls and the roof of St. Paul’s Cathedral by their Property Management team, to assess whether there is any damage to the cathedral, and to what extent that damage is. To do this, we conducted an aerial drone survey in order to ensure that we captured every detail on the building.

The purpose of a drone survey is to generate high-resolution orthomosaics and 3D models of areas where there is only low-quality, outdated or no data at all available. A drone can capture data over a large area in a short time with ease in areas that are traditionally harder to reach, such as roofs, without the need for scaffolding or machine lifts, therefore allowing for a more efficient survey to be completed.

controller view clocktower scaled St. Paul's Cathedral

During this process, our drone took over 11,000 pictures over a 16 hour process. These pictures were then loaded into our software and placed onto a 3D plane, which we then used to construct our model.

St Pauls Breakdown2 St. Paul's Cathedral

We created a breakdown image that allows our client to refer to and locate where the images were taken as they receive the image stills.

We do this because feedback has indicated that pinpointing which area an image is from can be difficult without a breakdown reference to refer to.



st pauls screenshot St. Paul's Cathedral

Benefits of a Cloud Based Model

  • They provide easy sharing access for stakeholders
  • They provide easy documenting of any defects present and remedial work needed
  • They reduce cost, time and the carbon footprint of visits to the site for contractors
  • They aid in planning discussions
  • They can be used to scale the cost to suit any budget by using the detail captured

Extract from the Final Model

Our client received a full Cloud Based Model of the building. They have full navigation access so they can pin-point whichever area they wish to look at, and select an area to see details (as shown).

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