Would you like a Free 3D model of your site?

During the current National Lockdown, we decided to try and lighten the mood a little, by allowing you the opportunity to test out our new service.

So, with every drone survey ordered during Lockdown, we are giving away a 3D, fully coloured, a digital mesh of your site or building.

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Check out the videos below of a 3D coloured mesh created from a recent drone survey.

What are the Benefits?

  • Low Cost, High Value – Surveys like this are quick to produce and deliver, but have a many uses, constantly delivering value throughout your project.
  • Accurate GPS Location – Typically, the Coordinates of our drone survey data is around 20 times more accurate than Planning Application Maps.
  • Accurate Geometry – We’ve compared the geometry produced to extremely accurate Terrestrial Laser Scan Data. Similar to the kind we use for our Measured Building Surveys and for forensics. We found the data to be accurate to within +/-100mm. Perfect for overall massing and site context.
  • See your design in true surroundings – This allows you to understand how your new design sits in its context. Great for client visualisations and to prove concepts to authorities.
  • Street and Building Elevations – You (or we) can quickly extract Orthogonal elevations at true scale; perfect for planning applications.
  • Inspection – Looking through 100’s of photos from an old-fashioned roof inspection can be a bit tedious. These 3D models are simple to navigate and will help identify most defects. If you need a bit more detail let us know pre survey, and we’ll try to get up close and personal with anything else you specifically need.
  • Accurate Terrain mapping – If you need basic ground levels or want to calculate cut and fill over a large area, then this is great for creating a digital terrain map of your site. (Just cut back the vegetation first, If the drone can’t see the ground, it can’t measure it)

What will you get?

  • 3D Digital Mesh – Fully Coloured, textured and GPS located. The mesh is delivered in obj format, perfect for use in most 3D software. If you are an Architect, this is great for staging your design.
  • 3D Point Cloud – Fully coloured and GPS Located – Great if you want to create some quick mass modelling for your site. If you are a building designer, this is a must to understand the whole site area.
  • Raw Drone Data – We capture the data for you, so you are free to use it as you please, just give credit where it is due 😉
  • SketchUp Model – Don’t worry, if you use SketchUp just let us know, we can convert the mesh into a user-friendly SketchUp version for you.
  • Additional Help – We have the skills to process a lot of info from the data we collect. If you need extra help creating survey models or drawings in CAD, Revit or IFC format. Just get in touch and let us know what you need.