Aerial Drone Survey

Cost effective, High Resolution Aerial Inspection, photography and Video

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Utlising the latest in Drone technology

If you’ve found this page, it’s likely you are looking to either carry out an inspection of a hard to reach area. Or, you are looking for some beautiful images of your property from a new perspective. Assuming this is the case you have come to the right place.

By utilising the latest in Drone technology and fully certified pilots we will easily be able to provide a service that suits your needs.

We like to assure our potential clients of our credentials to operate UAVs commercially.

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Fully qualified Drone Pilots

By using Solidpoint to capture the data, you will benefit from the experience of fully certified CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Drone Pilots.  We invest in the latest technologies and develop workflows to suit your needs.

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Aerial Inspections

Before any refurbishment work can proceed efficiently, it is essential to gather all the vital information. So, as a designer, contractor, or facility manager, you can make informed decisions.  It might be as simple as finding a leak that is causing ongoing damage to the property. Or, you may be looking to ascertain the exact structure and layout of an inaccessible roof. In both scenarios, an aerial drone inspection will be the most cost-effective and efficient method of collecting the data.

  • Aerial Inspection for roof repair
  • Hard to reach or inaccessible internal areas
  • Unsafe Building Surveys
  • Land layouts and overall levels
  • Condition survey of building facade
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Why use this service?

Some of the key things you will benefit from are:

Reduced Costs

In comparison to erecting scaffolding or accessing via machine lifts, aerial surveying comes in at a fraction of the price and has little height restriction.

Efficient turnaround

Generally, collection of data takes less than a day, with processing and electronic delivery the following day.

Reduced disruption

We will designate a small take-off and landing zone which will be away from the building entrance and other users.

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